Suicide bomber in Iraq kills 27 Shi’ite militiamen near Baghdad: police

KABOOM! Another brain-dead Muslims bites the dust.

I know that people are totally oblivious to the fact that almost every day of the week at least one moron blows himself up in an Islamic country. But just consider for a moment the level of indoctrination that an individual must undergo to strap himself with explosives or drive a vehicle full of explosives and willingly blow himself to pieces.

Anyone who defends this faulty ideology (Islam) should have their heads examined. TGO

Refer to story below. Source: Reuters


BAGHDAD (Reuters) – A suicide bomber killed at least 27 Shi’ite militiamen on the outskirts of the Iraqi town of Jurf al-Sakhar on Monday after security forces pushed Islamic State militants out of the area over the weekend, army and police sources said.

The attacker, driving a Humvee vehicle packed with explosives and likely stolen from defeated government troops, also wounded 60 Shi’ite militiamen, who had helped government forces retake the town just south of the capital.

Holding Jurf al-Sakhar is critical for Iraqi security forces who finally managed to drive out the Sunni insurgents after months of fighting.

It could allow Iraqi forces to prevent the Sunni insurgents from edging closer to the capital, sever connections to their strongholds in western Anbar province and stop them infiltrating the mainly Shi’ite Muslim south.

The group has threatened to march on Baghdad, home to

special forces and thousands of Shi’ite militias expected to put up fierce resistance if the capital comes under threat.

(Writing by Michael Georgy, Editing by Angus MacSwan)

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