Libyan uprising a ‘foreign plot’: Kadhafi son

As the saying goes; like father like son. The people of Libya, not unlike those of many countries throughout the world, have had the misfortune of living in a time when their country is ruled by scum. These people need to be squashed shortly after taking power, if not, it is almost impossible to eradicate them. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

CAIRO (AFP) – Saif al-Islam Kadhafi, the son of strongman Moamer Kadhafi, said Monday that Libya was on the verge of civil war and branded the unprecedented protests against his father’s rule a foreign plot.

Blaming Arab and African expatriates of fomenting unrest in the country, he said the violence was aimed at installing Islamist rule, in a speech on national television.

Kadhafi also pledged a new constitution and new liberal laws.

In the tough-talking, finger-wagging speech, Kadhafi’s son blamed foreign media of inflating the death toll but warned that any uprising would be ruthlessly suppressed.

“Libya is not Egypt, it is not Tunisia. There are no political parties in Libya,” he said.

“We will take up arms… we will fight to the last bullet,” he said. “We will destroy seditious elements.

“If everybody is armed, it is civil war, we will kill each other.”

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