Jesse Watters: San Francisco needs an intervention

Sad, isn’t it? The liberal mentality of the imbeciles on the Left have literally destroyed what was once the most beautiful city in the United States.

San Francisco had it all, and now it is a cesspool of drugs, homelessness, crime and filth! And yet people such as governor and president-wannabe Gavin Newsom and mayor and race-monger London Breed continue to defend their idiotic (FAILED) liberal policies! Talk about f*cked-up people!

Well folks, those of you who still have a semblance of common sense, you might want to reconsider electing democrats in your next local, state, and federal elections, as Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, etc. are all run by democrat “leaders”, and are all headed toward the same destiny as San Francisco, as is our entire country!

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