Karine Jean-Pierre: Professional Communicator

It is difficult to say which is the bigger idiot, Karine Jean-Pierre or Joe Biden. Suffice it to say, that they are both morons! Add to this duo the other bimbo, Kamala Harris, and one immediately realizes that the Biden White House is a cluster-f_ck!!! 

And as if these Looney-Tunes weren’t enough, now you have the ‘first gentleman’, Kamala’s husband, publicly talking about what a problem “toxic masculinity is!!!

This administration is a freakin’ sh_t-show if there ever was one!!! But hey, we only have the brain-dead democrats to blame for this train wreck. Remember, orange-man “bad”, so they voted for Biden. These fools, suckers that they are, swallowed the liberal media’s propaganda hook, line, and sinker, and now we see their “vision” in clear view. Some vision, they elected a buffoon!!!

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