‘Fox & Friends’ on ‘huge’ Hunter Biden developments

The people who work for the New York Times and covered up this story are the scum of the earth. The people who work for CNN and repeated the lies are the scum of the earth. Jennifer Psaki is the scum of the earth. Need I say more?

Everybody with a functioning frontal lobe knew this story was true, but the scum in the liberal media DO NOT care. These liberals will stab their own mother in the back (literally) to further their agenda. 

Just think about this, a couple of dozen people in the media and in Washington have changed the course of history by covering up facts!

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine would more than likely never have happened if this story was out, as it should have been, BEFORE the elections! If so, Donald Trump would have won the election and these two buffoons, Joe and Kamala, would have been mentally masturbating themselves about what could have been, instead of destroying this country with their ineptitude and incompetence…

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