Judge Jeanine: A ‘Christmas Carol’ to Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi has the morality of a rodent. She’s about as crooked, deceitful and power hungry as they come. She will say anything, do anything and stab anyone in their back to achieve her goals. Like the party she represents, she has no morals.

The city of San Francisco, which is in her district, has gone from being heralded as the most beautiful city in the United States to a sewage pit. In fact, the state of California, with everything to offer, is now riddled with poverty, homelessness, crime, drug addiction, and streets with human urine and feces. 

Nancy Pelosi and her party have turned our greatest cities, cities such as New York, Chicago and Los Angeles into places where lawlessness rules. 

Thankfully, her “reign” will soon be over.  

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