Mayor Lightfoot pleads for federal help after refusing it from Trump

Lori Lightfoot is revolting, totally incompetent and immoral beyond description. The HYPOCRISY of liberals who say one thing and do the complete opposite is plain as day.

Naturally, the leftist bimbo in the panel feels compelled to spin reality to support this waste of a mayor in Chicago.

By the way, where are the members of Black Lives Matter now? And speaking of HYPOCRISY, where are all of the white (ass-sniffers) and blacks alike who marched endlessly for George Floyd? Are the 776 people killed in Chicago so far in 2021, 57 of which are minors, not worth as much as 1 George Floyd?

This is the main reason why I personally could never support liberals. They are immoral and only care about their HYPOCRITICAL agenda! Black Lives Matter… give me a f_cking break!!!

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