Pope prays for Japan quake victims, encourages aid

Instead of your empty words, Pope Benedict XVI, why don’t you at the very least donate a few million dollars to the relief effort. The Catholic Church is the richest organization on the planet; by far, yet all they do is take, take and take some more.

These fruitcakes with their faggety-looking attire and hands clasped in prayer should remember that hands that help are better than lips that pray. Prayer is easy, it takes no effort, and it’s also meaningless as nobody is listening. Who are they praying to, the same God who caused the disaster (or let it happen)?  If God is all-good and all-powerful, how is this disaster explained? Why didn’t he intervene? Oh, I forgot, as religious fools would say: God works in mysterious ways. No folks, the real answer is: God doesn’t exist. He’s a make-believe figure; purely man’s invention. And as far as the Catholic Church (the gay man’s club) goes, it’s a business, albeit a very lucrative one, thanks to the countless numbers of ignorant people on Earth who support it. TGO

Refer to brief story below. Source: Associated Press

Photography: Reuters

Sun Mar 13, 7:23 am ET

VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI is praying for the victims of Japan’s earthquake and tsunami and has praised the “dignity and courage” with which the Japanese are coping with the tragedy.

Benedict also encouraged aid workers who are bringing comfort to those afflicted, saying God was with them.

He made the comments, in Italian and English, during his traditional Sunday blessing from his studio window overlooking St. Peter’s Square.

Japan’s prime minister on Sunday called the disaster Japan’s worst crisis since World War II, with the death toll likely to exceed 10,000 in one state alone and fears of a radiation leak from a damaged nuclear reactor. Millions have been left without water, electricity or proper food.

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