Megyn Kelly Explains EXACTLY Why CNN Plus Failed… Before It Even Launched

CNN, the Communist News Network… with “winners” such as Chris Cuomo (fired Freddo) and Don Lemon (the fruitcake). They have Jeffrey Toobin (the masturbator) and Jake Tapper (fart face). And let’s not forget Brian Stelter (Mr. Potato Head). The rest of the crew, with Erin Burnett, Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash and John King, are all die-hard leftists without a neutral in their bodies. Many more fakes and liars could be named, but you get my point.

Yet finally, finally, Americans have caught on! It has taken years, but Americans have finally acknowledged that the characters mentioned above, and many more, are fakes, clowns, immoral individuals who are incapable of EVER stating the truth if it hurts their socialist agenda. They will ignore, spin, twist, deny, distort and outright lie to destroy the other side. 

In closing, it’s no wonder that CNN Plus was a failure.

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